enjoy summer vacation very much.

Because summer vacation is the longest vacation of the year. We have more than fifty days to rest. Though it is very hot, we can either go to swim or stay in the air-conditioned room . In the evening, I like to go shopping with my friends.

We can eat many things in summer, such as ice creams, watermelons, grapes, so on.In summer, I always go on a trip with my parents. It's a good chance for us to visit some nice interesting places.





My summer vacation of this year was very enjoyable。 I went to the countryside to spend my summer holidays.It is very beautiful there。 there are green plants, clear rivers, lovely animals kind people。 i spent two weeks helping my grandfather do some farm work there.Iwrote down what happened in my diary every day。

besides that,I helped the children in the neighbourhood with their lessons.I helped them read english improve their spoken english.Their parents thanked me for this。





The winter vacation is coming,I have made a plan for my vacation.I want to spend time with my family,so I will return to my hometown .I am for back to my hometown for preparation. I miss my grandparents very much , so I will visit my grand parents at first.I will chat with my uncle and aunt ,play with my cousin .It will be very intereting .I hope I will have a great time there.






Spring Festival day that the families get together. Chinese people most like the Spring Festival.The spring festival is usually in the February ,.In the spring festival,every family all paste the lucky, Spring Festival couplets and they fire the cracker,they eat the dumplings, we are have make dumplings it,is very delious .playing fireworks in the open air. My brother and I played fireworks on that day. We had many fireworks.. the families get together to have the new year's dinner,wish each other,talk about the wishes about the new year.Small I hope make progress in study and everyone in families happy. we are receive the money given to them as a lunar new year gift.l like it very much.


my happy life althouth i'm a Junior high school student,everyday with hard study,i also feel happy of my life.as a Junior high school student,i have some homework to do everyday.i feel really tied of my body,but i still have a good mood to do ti,becouse it's wonderful for me to grasp those knowledge!what's more,i already take the adventage of my spare time.Generally speaking,i spent a lot of my time to do some reading on the Internet which i'd like to.if i feel boring,i also play some computer games on the Internet.in my opinion,Internet is not only the study station,but also my play place.all in all,i can hold a balance between study and amusement,i think my life is very happy!尽管我是名初中生,每天要做许多的作业,可我的生活仍然很快乐.作为一名中学生,我不得不去面对大量的家庭作业,我感觉我的身体真的十分疲惫,但是我会保持一个良好的心态去对待它,因为我觉得对我来说掌握知识才是最快乐(好)的 而且(进一步说)我会充分的利用我的业余时间.一般来说,我会花一些时间在网上阅读些我感兴趣的,如果我感到烦躁时,我会选择去往回电脑游戏.在我看来,网络不仅是我的学习的好的地方,而且是我娱乐的好场所.总的来说,我可以在学习和娱乐之间保持一个平衡,这样我会感觉到我的生活会很开心.


My summer holiday

I had a happy summer holiday because I did many interesting things.

I went to the beach and I swam in the sea.I called my friend and played with them.I visited my grandparents and ate much delicious food.

Then I went to the zoo whit my sister.I was very happy.Because I saw a lot of animals.They were very lovely.So I took photos of all animals.I liked the butterflies best.They were colourful and beautiful.My sister liked it too.

I had a wonderful summer holiday this year.What about you?Can you tell me somthing about it?我的暑假我有一个快乐的暑假,因为我做了很多有趣的事情.我去了海滩,我在海里游泳.我叫我的朋友和他们一起玩.我拜访了我的祖父母和吃了很多美味的食物.然后我与我的妹妹去了动物园.我很高兴.因为我看见了很多动物.他们是非常可爱的.所以我把所有的动物的照片.我最喜欢蝴蝶.它们美丽多彩.我姐姐也喜欢它.今年我度过了一个愉快的暑假.你呢?你能告诉我一些关于它的?

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An awful day off

I could never forget last trip to Shanghai. It was a hot day in August. Actually it was my summer vocation last year. My elder has been working in Shanghai for several years, and i missed him so much that i decided to go to Shanghai to see him by myself.I was really excited because it was my first time to take a plane.I hope he will meet me at the airport

It took me two hours to get to Shanghai airport. When I got off the plane, i had a stamachache. I had to look for the washroom, and i found it with the help of an attendant. But i was so careless that i left my bag in the washroom. Then, i went back to get it back, as a matter of fact, my bag was not still there. About half an hour later, I saw my elder brother sitting in the airport waiting room , he looked so worried and tense. From then on ,i thought of i hadn't given any call to him yet. I felt so sorry about what i did, and i called him in low voice. He turned back and hold me tightly.

In the end, we went back together. Unfortunately, my back was gone!


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My Holiday

I like my holiday very much.Though it's very short,I can enjoy the Spring Festival.I can watch cartoon every day.I needn't go to school .Sometimes I can go to play with my friend outside.With the festival coming,I can play all the time.I can play video game with my brother.I am good at playing PC game.Then more and more relatives came to my home.We had dinner together.It's so lively that I'm very happy.But I still have to do my homework.During the holiday,I learned a lot.I love my holiday.